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Master Go

New Master Go Including Concurrency Deep Dive

Master Go is your first-class ticket into the world of Go.

Concise, intuitive videos. No hour-long elaborations. No dry text books.

Learning Go can be easy and fun!

If you want to learn Go

- intensely, but in your own pace
- intuitively, but with the necessary depth

then look no further.

Are you looking for a Go course that

- is NOT a shallow quick start that leaves you with even more questions than you started with, but rather delivers all details you need to know?

- does NOT force you through long marathon lectures but rather respects your time?

- is NOT overly abstract but rather refreshingly accessible?

Then read on.

Master Go was created for you, the pragmatic developer.

- You want to get things done.

- You prefer clear, readable code over "clever" coding.

- You love solving domain problems efficiently, rather than fighting the complexity of a language.

What are you waiting for?

How you can benefit from this course

Master Go includes these learning paths

Master Go consists of a main learning path where you get up to speed with all the fundamentals, and a second learning path that digs into concurrency with Go: goroutines, channels, and more.

Both parts were originally one course. I took the concurrency lectures out of the classic Master Go course and created Concurrency Deep Dive for all Go developers who want to specifically learn how to write concurrent apps.

Concurrency Deep Dive contains all of the original concurrency lectures from the classic Master Go course, and is currently being extended with more lectures.

Concurrency Deep Dive is also available separately. 

(Whereas Master Go Fundamentals would not be a complete course without Concurrency Deep Dive, and is therefore only available in this bundle.)

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