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Master Go

New Master Go Including Concurrency Deep Dive

Master Go is your first-class ticket into the world of Go.

Concise, intuitive videos. No hour-long elaborations. No dry text books.

Learning Go can be easy and fun!

If you want to learn Go

- intensely, but in your own pace
- intuitively, but with the necessary depth

then look no further.

Are you looking for a Go course that

- is NOT a shallow quick start that leaves you with even more questions than you started with, but rather delivers all details you need to know?

- does NOT force you through long marathon lectures but rather respects your time?

- is NOT overly abstract but rather refreshingly accessible?

Then read on.

Master Go was created for you, the pragmatic developer.

- You want to get things done.

- You prefer clear, readable code over "clever" coding.

- You love solving domain problems efficiently, rather than fighting the complexity of a language.

What are you waiting for?

How you can benefit from this course

Master Go includes these learning paths

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