Master the Go Programming Language

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"If I had known this before..."  

Attempting to learn a new programming language can be daunting. Where are good resources? Why does the information seem to be spread across the internet? New knowledge comes only piecewise, the things already learned still feel quite sketchy, and each article appears to target a different audience.  

Sounds familiar? I have been through that, and I want to help you avoiding the slow and tedious route. I built a course that contains all those bits of information that I had to collect piece by piece, formed into a coherent curriculum from first steps to advanced language features.  

An intuitive approach

A special feature that I built in with large efforts, and that I have not yet seen in other Go courses, is the extensive amount of animated graphics to visualize all kinds of language constructs. The human brain is extremely good at processing visual input (and I don't mean text but rather images and graphic patterns). If you ever have read a text about a complex topic and then watched a video explaining the same topic visually, you know what I mean. The master Go course takes advantage of these capabilities.