How to use this course


Let me quickly show you how the course platform works.

The start page

After enrolling, you should see the course in your personal start page. If you don’t see it, click the My Courses link at the top and you should then see your courses listed.

On the course badge you can see how far you already have advanced through the course.

Click on the badge to open the course.

The course page

Here you can access the curriculum and either select a particular lecture or simply click the Start new lecture button at the top.

The contents of a lecture

Let’s look into the lecture named “Your first Go program”, as it contains all the elements I’d like to show you.

Controlling video behavior

This lecture contains a video, and depending on your settings it might start as soon as the page is loaded. You can control this behavior by clicking the cog icon at the top and flipping the switch of the autoplay option.

Likewise, you can select whether a lecture shall be marked as completed as soon as the last video finishes. I recommend keeping this option disabled, as there is more than just a video in each lecture, so you’ll want to make sure to not mark a lecture as completed before you have worked through all the content.

You can also control the speed of the video, so if it is too fast or to slow for you, you can adjust the speed from 2 times as fast down to 0.75 times as fast.

The speed control is also available in the player itself, behind the cog button. Here, you can even slow down to half the speed.

The transcript

Each video has a full transcript available, which is useful if you want to recap the video or parts of it, or if you just need a quick refresher later.

After the transcript there is usually additional content, so ensure to scroll through the lecture after having watched the video; otherwise you might miss some useful information.


One kind of additional content are quizzes. These are short and easy questions to help you memorizing what you have learned.

As an example, this quiz asks, “To create an executable binary, you need to: Name the package ”main“, add a function named ”main“, both of the above, or none of the above.”

Click on the answer that you consider the correct one. Note that a click on an answer seems to not change anything, but if you move the cursor off the answer, you can see that the answer is still selected in light grey.

Click the check button to verify your answer.

Source code for download

Next, if a lecture shows source code (and most of them do), you will find one or more download sections that provide the Go files used in this lecture. Click on the file name to download the file. From there you can open it in an editor of your choice, and modify and execute it as you like.

The discussion area

Finally, every lecture ends with a discussion area, where you can comment the lecture or ask questions about it. I will scan the discussion forum regularly and provide answers to all your questions. However, if you see a question posted there that you can answer, don’t hesitate to post a reply. Explaining a topic to others is one of the best ways of verifying whether you have understood that topic yourself. And others will benefit from your answer as well.

The side bar

Once you finished a lecture, you can mark it as complete by clicking the “Complete and continue” button. You will then see the lecture marked as completed in the curriculum in the side bar, with a check mark icon.

A half-black, half-white circle denotes a lecture in progress.

Note that when you switch to another lecture through the side bar, the current lecture is not marked as completed. This allows to skip back and forth between lectures without accidentally marking them as completed; on the flip side, you need to remember to leave a lecture via the Complete and continue button to ensure the lecture is marked as completed.

The icon next to the progress marker reveals the type of the lecture. Video lectures show a play button icon here, while text-only lectures show a paper icon.

Leaving the course page

The button in the top left corner brings you back to the course’s start page, and from there, back to your personal start page.

That’s pretty much all there is to it. You see, the UI has been deliberately designed to not stand in your way, so you can focus on the contents.

And now enjoy the lectures!